Birds! (Starlings!)

Those crazy germans !

Had the perfect url for a little side project, yiel.de. However, the germans seem to have a few extra rules that go along with purchasing a domain name there — including: the admin contact must reside there, you must have a MX for the entire duration of the registration, and from what I can tell you cannot register by proxy, as well as a few other minor inconveniences.

Scratch one name off the list.

Is it time to Startup?

Finally, wrote a 3 pager (thanks MSFT) on a small software service idea I’ve had locked away in my head. I haven’t had that much fun at home doing something that looked suspiciously like work in quite some time. Looking forward to the next steps.

Song from the game, Bastion, by Supergiant Games.

Bastion’s soundtrack was pretty phenomenal at capturing loss after a calamity. If you’d like to git a feel for a bit more of the texture of the game, listen also to What’s Left Undone.

As far as the game itself goes the story, mechanics, and variety of tools and abilities were fun as well as the upgrade paths. My only complaints are with the levels which despite being visually unique all feel exactly the same once you’ve played a few. Also, the controls and collision detection regions for a few things felt off. Some people in reviews complained about the lack of intelligence in the automatic narrator but personally, it felt just right and the grittiness of the narrator’s voice was good storytelling.

Where have you been hiding?

As it turn out when doing a search in Windows Explorer’s search box, if you use


it will give you only the exact matches.

Happy days and jubiliation!

The Adventures of Shuggy. If you missed it, check it out on Xbox. The puzzles are fun and bouncy with a new trick to learn around every corner. A few levels are hard enough to cause some head scratching (time travelling Shuggy, I’m looking at you) but nothing is too hard for casual play.


Ms. Splosion Man is new on XBLA. Its a great follow-on to Splosion Man but despite being hilarious in almost every other way, its difficulty is nothing to joke about. After the first 10 levels of play all I can say is this is nearing fiendishness. There is the “forbidden checkpoint” which can help you forward — unless you’re somewhat masochistic.

I’d recommend it if you want something tough. Enjoy.

Beginner Node.js

Node.js is an event driven javascript library and environment for working with server side Javascript. In addition to the library Node.js comes with the Node Package Manager which makes getting an installing modules which work with Node easy.

Sometimes though, requiring a module in your Node application doesn’t always work even if it is globally installed. The node package manager makes resolving this easy by telling you what is missing locally and installing it.

For instance:

Start an express application:

$mkdir sample
$cd sample
   create : .
   create : ./package.json
   create : ./app.js
   create : ./public/javascripts
   create : ./public/images
   create : ./public/stylesheets
   create : ./public/stylesheets/style.css
   create : ./views
   create : ./views/layout.jade
   create : ./views/index.jade

By default this project depends on the jade template engine but that isn’t installed. An easy way to figure this out (and what other dependencies aren’t met) is to type “npm ls” from within the sample directory:

$npm ls
 npm WARN express 2.4.2 Unmet dependency in /Users/loarabia/Code/sample
 npm WARN jade >= 0.0.1 Unmet dependency in /Users/loarabia/Code/sample
 application-name@0.0.1 /Users/loarabia/Code/sample
 ├── UNMET DEPENDENCY express 2.4.2
 └── UNMET DEPENDENCY jade >= 0.0.1

You can then enter the below to install all dependencies and then continue on.

$npm install -d